Multivision: All About Those Goals

BG8A7725For more years than we care to count, we have been producing the video for the annual Goals Conference for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.  We were pleased to once again produce the presentation for 2016 Goals Conference at the  Miami Hilton on June 16th.

Our video was a musical extravaganza starring outgoing Chamber chair Christine Barney, CEO of RBB Public relations.

Our theme, “All About Those Goals,” had Christine and a cast of community leaders dancing and having a ball in the studio. We also shot images all over Miami to show why it’s the best place to live, work and play.


A co-starring role went to Dr. Mark Rosenberg, president of Florida International University, and in- coming Chair of the GMCC, who played along with the fun in preparation for his starring role next year.

We had a blast making the video and it was a terrific effort by the whole Multivision team.


Executive Producer, writer and Director: Bob Berkowitz, Senior Editor: René Borroto, Editor: Curtis Childs, Cameras:  Scott O’Brien, Matt Leone, Curtis Childs, René Borroto, Music: Read Fasse, Brian Robertson, Make-up Artists:  Alexis Renny, Stephanie Gimson, Alli Elizabeth,  Wardrobe & Stylist:  Jenna DeBrino and Amanda Miller from Hot Pink Style Inc., Choreographer:  Marrisa Nick, Production Assistant:  Cesar Malinao, Production Assistant & Coordinator:  Alina Lopez.

We can’t wait forJune to come around each year. It really is.… “All About Those Goals.”  We are always looking for inspiration, and who knows what next year’s production will bring?  Stay tuned… the Multivision team is already looking to goals, goals, goals 2017.


Multivision Creates Point Of View (POV) Videos

Our video work for various museums has won the company awards and recognitions over the years. Our creative at the Smithsonian Institution, Ellis Island, and the Chattanooga History Museum among others, has always has been among our most interesting challenges.


The Miami Children’s Museum called on us to help create some great displays for their newest exhibits, as we had done with The Energy House we created for them under a Department of Energy grant a couple of years ago.

This year, we helped produce several video elements and POV (point-of-view) displays as part of a fabulous new exhibit presented by Baptist Health.

A simulated bicycle tour around Miami lets children ride various bikes, or use their upper body to experience a trip on Miami Beach, Shark Valley and Key Biscayne. It was shot on our special gyro mounted camera system attached to a bicycle, and really gives the sense of riding a bike.

Another interactive video display asks children to “keep moving,” was all shot on Multivision’s green screen stage, and featured talented museum staff dancing, exercising and having fun aimed at getting the participants involved and to make them move.


The Miami Children’s Museum is also creating a display about aviation, and will be housed at the Miami International Airport.

That display includes a multi-screen flight over Miami that is housed in a mock airplane, and was shot with 3 synchronized cameras during a Cessna 172 flight we did over Miami, creating a true POV experience of flight for the participant.