Beacon Council Annual Meeting VOTES for Miami!

Multivision was behind a series of election-themed video modules that capped off this year’s annual meeting of the community’s economic development agency — The Beacon Council.

Says CEO Bob Berkowitz, “I figured that people are so sick and tired of the political climate right now. It’s a great time to make fun of it for the good of Miami.”

Multivision themed and created several video modules that were fun filled, high energy and ended with a laugh. Community leader Joe Roisman of  Perry Ellis International ended the piece with “I approve this message”.

Multivision also created a thoughtful salute to outgoing Beacon Chairman Ernie Diaz.

“We love working with the Beacon Council,” says Berkowitz (who was on the agency board for six years), “It’s  important to help sell Miami as the best place to live, work and Play.”


Multivision Supports Webcasts for 20th Annual United States Conference on AIDS

Along with Washington DC,   JSI productions and our friends at Maslow- we supplied equipment and a Multivision Team for the 4 day USGA conference at the Diplomat Hotel.  The Conference  brought together  experts  helping  people living with HIV.bg8a3992

One of the main goals of this conference was to use digital technology to amplify HIV resources anywhere and anytime .  They needed digital  activities that kept interested participants   engaged in the USCA conversation whether they  attended the conference or not.  This is where Multivision’s  digital capabilities played an important role. It included live “direct to Facebook” webcasts via Wirecast.


The Multivison crew worked with producer Michelle Samplin-Salgado to help communicate HIV awareness across the country.  The Conference included specialized workshops  that  covered important subjects such as  exploring opportunities and the latest practice model (primary medical, supportive services) on caring for young  women and girls with HIV,  working with transgender and gender non-conforming, strengthening social skills and Safety Crisis management , living with HIV, and even education scopes at Utah’s Refugee Resettlements.  We were honored to be part of this important event.



A Tasty Project for Multivision – La Paella

We love doing shows about food and casual dining!  I wonder why?   And, when the food being prepared and filmed is as delicious as Paella-it really makes for a fun job.La Paella Counter

That was the case in our recent work for the fast casual restaurant concept-La Paella.  La Paella asked us to create a story that would help them market this “up and coming” Franchise restaurant model.  Today’s consumer  is ready for “La Paella”, an exciting re-interpretation of traditional Spanish dining–in a restaurant setting that is “warm and personal”.  It’s tradition rediscovered, and one that consumers will find satisfying and flavorful.

We were immediately sold on the idea of authentic Spanish recipes in an environment of vibrant colors –modern meets traditional.

We shot in our studio and in Grove Studio’s fabulous kitchen set and cooked the dishes to be photographed right on the spot.  Made to order Paella with  shrimp, mussels, squid, chicken and chorizo. Delicious Bocata sandwiches, tempting Tapas, soups and satisfying salads and desserts.  La Paella Restaurant will offer  the Fresh Spanish experience to a consumer hungry to get away from the ordinary.

Our team captured  the essence of old meets new  with clever photography and creative videography.  We also discusses the extensive training the La Paella team will undergo–comprehensive manuals, training programs and specs to make each restaurant successful and profitable.

Along with interviews with company founder J.D Sauer, Chef Eddie Estevez and famed restaurant marketer Tom Feltenstein- we helped get this great concept launched and got to sample some amazing dishes as a benefit.

Multivision: All About Those Goals

BG8A7725For more years than we care to count, we have been producing the video for the annual Goals Conference for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.  We were pleased to once again produce the presentation for 2016 Goals Conference at the  Miami Hilton on June 16th.

Our video was a musical extravaganza starring outgoing Chamber chair Christine Barney, CEO of RBB Public relations.

Our theme, “All About Those Goals,” had Christine and a cast of community leaders dancing and having a ball in the studio. We also shot images all over Miami to show why it’s the best place to live, work and play.


A co-starring role went to Dr. Mark Rosenberg, president of Florida International University, and in- coming Chair of the GMCC, who played along with the fun in preparation for his starring role next year.

We had a blast making the video and it was a terrific effort by the whole Multivision team.


Executive Producer, writer and Director: Bob Berkowitz, Senior Editor: René Borroto, Editor: Curtis Childs, Cameras:  Scott O’Brien, Matt Leone, Curtis Childs, René Borroto, Music: Read Fasse, Brian Robertson, Make-up Artists:  Alexis Renny, Stephanie Gimson, Alli Elizabeth,  Wardrobe & Stylist:  Jenna DeBrino and Amanda Miller from Hot Pink Style Inc., Choreographer:  Marrisa Nick, Production Assistant:  Cesar Malinao, Production Assistant & Coordinator:  Alina Lopez.

We can’t wait forJune to come around each year. It really is.… “All About Those Goals.”  We are always looking for inspiration, and who knows what next year’s production will bring?  Stay tuned… the Multivision team is already looking to goals, goals, goals 2017.


Multivision Creates Point Of View (POV) Videos

Our video work for various museums has won the company awards and recognitions over the years. Our creative at the Smithsonian Institution, Ellis Island, and the Chattanooga History Museum among others, has always has been among our most interesting challenges.


The Miami Children’s Museum called on us to help create some great displays for their newest exhibits, as we had done with The Energy House we created for them under a Department of Energy grant a couple of years ago.

This year, we helped produce several video elements and POV (point-of-view) displays as part of a fabulous new exhibit presented by Baptist Health.

A simulated bicycle tour around Miami lets children ride various bikes, or use their upper body to experience a trip on Miami Beach, Shark Valley and Key Biscayne. It was shot on our special gyro mounted camera system attached to a bicycle, and really gives the sense of riding a bike.

Another interactive video display asks children to “keep moving,” was all shot on Multivision’s green screen stage, and featured talented museum staff dancing, exercising and having fun aimed at getting the participants involved and to make them move.


The Miami Children’s Museum is also creating a display about aviation, and will be housed at the Miami International Airport.

That display includes a multi-screen flight over Miami that is housed in a mock airplane, and was shot with 3 synchronized cameras during a Cessna 172 flight we did over Miami, creating a true POV experience of flight for the participant.




Multivision Helps Miami Win Super Bowl 54!

Miami is awarded Super Bowl 54 in 2020, with Multivision’s Help!IMG_0680

When Miami’s Super Bowl Bid Committee asked us to help them pitch a Super Bowl celebration for one of 3 years (2019, 2020, 2021) that were up for grabs, they knew they had come to the right place.

After all, we had been involved in pitch presentations to get the Miami Heat, Marlins and Panthers their franchises, and we were recently consulted on the pitch presentation for the 2022 World Cup Soccer for the emirate of Qatar.

Now, we needed to prepare for the NFL owners’ meeting held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 24. All 32 team owners would vote and award the games after hearing 15-minute presentations by would-be host cities.

Our job was to create a 15-minute story so compelling that it sold all the excitement going on in Miami since the game was held here in 2010.   We highlighted the new hotels, current and ongoing improvements to the infrastructure, the use of Downtown Miami as Super Bowl Central, as well as showcasing the improvements the Miami Dolphins are making to their stadium.

We wrote and pieced together the live and video elements, and off to Charlotte we went for the presentations.


We called on legendary Dolphins running back, Larry Csonka, as the star of our presentation, and to act as the live emcee for the pitch. We also asked famed quarterback Dan Marino to host a look at the new stadium.

We’re happy to report that it was all worth it. The presentation came off without a hitch, with the NFL awarding Miami and South Florida Super Bowl 54 in 2020.IMG_0065

We were honored to once again help Miami sell itself to the world!

We want to thank the Multivision Team:  René Borroto, Matt Leone, Curtis Childs, Scott O’Brien, Chris Skornicka, Alina López, Alexis Renny, Pedro Mendez, Cesar Malinao, Lisa Delmonico and Lorna Chin. We could not have done it without you.

Here’s the video presentation…

2016 Beacon Awards

At Multivision, we are no stranger to creating and producing awards shows. Over the years, we have produced everything from the Addy Awards, the Ultimate CEO Awards, FIU Torch Awards, the Builders Association Awards, the ULI Vision Awards, Humanitarian Awards, and many others.

“Its always challenging to keep it interesting, fast paced and maintain the audience’s attention and involvement,” says Bob Berkowitz.

This year the idea was to keep the evening moving with a fun and upbeat show while giving each winner a great salute for their accomplishments.

The upbeat theme of “SuperHeroes of the Economy” was chosen and a Marvel Comics/Superhero look was given to the graphics and the video elements that were produced.

IMG_0497There were 16 separate video modules, each about 1 minute in length, including awards for each of the Beacon’s One Community One Goal initiatives and three special Judges awards. The most prestigious award of the event, the Jay Malina Award, was given to Tibor Hollo of Florida East Coast Realty for his work in creating jobs in our community.

Staging for the event utilized a wide screen, panoramic approach provided by Go2events, and it worked magnificently with “picture in picture” elements, including image magnification, and various still and motion graphics.

Helping Crystal Luxury Air Launch New Charter Service

IMG_9614What a great day for the Multivision crew flying around in an A-Star Helicopter chasing an amazing Global Express Jet at speeds of almost 200 miles per hour.

That was our assignment last week when Crystal Luxury Air asked us to help them announce the beginning of a new amazing luxury travel brand to go along with their award winning cruise product.


The company, has recently announced both new Boeing 777 flights featuring all business class service and an amazing new Mega Yacht(complete with Submarines, helicopters and ice breaking capability) that will begin service in 2018.

Crystal is showcasing their plans to evolve into an global Luxury brand featuring the ultimate in Luxury travel.

We were excited to be asked to help in that endeavor.

Along with two ground supported HD cameras and an airborne Cineflex Gyro mounted camera system we created the kick off video for the event.   What’s more we produced the entire video in 6 hours from start to finish.

Click HERE to view Crystal Luxury Travel video.

With the cooperation of Air Traffic Controllers at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport our pilot, Paul Barth got permission for us to follow the Bombardier jet off the runway as fast as we could go as Crystals’ Pilot Kevin Finley was able to fly “lower and slower” than normal so we could get some great shots.

We were able to get some impressive air-to-air sequences  from above and below the aircraft as we did two landings and take offs.

Multivisions’ Curtis Childs was aboard the Jet to get the interior view(with new Osmo camera) while  Matt Leone and Rene Borroto covered the event from ground mounted HD SONY cameras.

Bob  directed the camera in the chopper and coordinated with the crew.

What a fun day- and we were so pleased (and so was client Crystal) with the end product—which we finished in time for the evening event in a Hangar at the airport for travel executives and the press.


Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Salutes Multivision for Years of Partnership


Bob and Phylis

At the Trustee Luncheon today, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce saluted Multivision Video & Film for our many years of working together. Multivision has produced the Chamber’s Goals Conference for over 30 years, and has also produced the Sand In My Shoes award videos more than 20 years.

For several decades we have be passionately involved in seeing the Chamber and our community grow and prosper, and we were very touched by this recognition.