Helping Crystal Luxury Air Launch New Charter Service

IMG_9614What a great day for the Multivision crew flying around in an A-Star Helicopter chasing an amazing Global Express Jet at speeds of almost 200 miles per hour.

That was our assignment last week when Crystal Luxury Air asked us to help them announce the beginning of a new amazing luxury travel brand to go along with their award winning cruise product.


The company, has recently announced both new Boeing 777 flights featuring all business class service and an amazing new Mega Yacht(complete with Submarines, helicopters and ice breaking capability) that will begin service in 2018.

Crystal is showcasing their plans to evolve into an global Luxury brand featuring the ultimate in Luxury travel.

We were excited to be asked to help in that endeavor.

Along with two ground supported HD cameras and an airborne Cineflex Gyro mounted camera system we created the kick off video for the event.   What’s more we produced the entire video in 6 hours from start to finish.

Click HERE to view Crystal Luxury Travel video.

With the cooperation of Air Traffic Controllers at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport our pilot, Paul Barth got permission for us to follow the Bombardier jet off the runway as fast as we could go as Crystals’ Pilot Kevin Finley was able to fly “lower and slower” than normal so we could get some great shots.

We were able to get some impressive air-to-air sequences  from above and below the aircraft as we did two landings and take offs.

Multivisions’ Curtis Childs was aboard the Jet to get the interior view(with new Osmo camera) while  Matt Leone and Rene Borroto covered the event from ground mounted HD SONY cameras.

Bob  directed the camera in the chopper and coordinated with the crew.

What a fun day- and we were so pleased (and so was client Crystal) with the end product—which we finished in time for the evening event in a Hangar at the airport for travel executives and the press.


Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Salutes Multivision for Years of Partnership


Bob and Phylis

At the Trustee Luncheon today, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce saluted Multivision Video & Film for our many years of working together. Multivision has produced the Chamber’s Goals Conference for over 30 years, and has also produced the Sand In My Shoes award videos more than 20 years.

For several decades we have be passionately involved in seeing the Chamber and our community grow and prosper, and we were very touched by this recognition.


Multivision Creates Fully Interactive Display for The Estates at Acqualina™

Multivison has just delivered a specially designed MultiTaction multi-touch interactive surface for the new sales center at The Estates of Acqualina™. These amazing screens are designed in Finland, and identify hands rather than points of contact only.
It’s a new technology that can offer an unlimited number of simultaneous touch points and capabilities. Sales representatives can also use an infrared pen and mark up each image, then store the image and send to clients. The prospective resident can see the views from each floor of the project, each floor plan option, and see renderings of what each unit might look like when furnished.

The system allows for multi-layered presentations that will amaze audiences in real estate sales centers, museums, or any interactive environment. The Multivision-produced custom software application will help users collaborate on a project or participate in a customized sales presentation. It can also be programmed to recognize special on-surface touch gestures.


Additional gear and programming also allows multiple screens to be connected for a virtual 360-degree presentation. At the Acqualina sales center the touch surface is surrounded by four high definition curved LED screens that feature a multi-screen presentation, showcasing the fabulous lifestyle afforded residents at this new posh property developed by The Trump Group in Sunny Isles.

Multivision and the City of Miramar Introduce New Amphitheater

The City of Miramar just announced the construction of a fabulous new outdoor amphitheater to be built and open by 2017. The City hired Multivision to produce the presentation for the December 9th groundbreaking for this exciting project.
Amphi Groundbreakig 1It will feature a 28,000 square-foot cover and a permanent stage for events, concerts, corporate meetings and civic celebrations.
Along with marketing company Matrix 2, a script and concept were developed and we created some amazing drone videography at the site of the project. The finished video was shown on a giant LED screen to an audience of citizens and dignitaries, announcing that this fantastic entertainment venue will be coming to Miramar.
A new Multivision/Matrix2 Economic Development video for the City of Miramar is also in production.

Multivision Brings Giant Truck-Mounted LED Screen to Miami, FL

Just roll this baby to your next outdoor event, festival or function. Multivision is making this incredible outdoor
Rolling Theatre available in December 2015.Bob and Truck OPTIMIZED

Two 13 x 8 (feet) – 7mm resolution LED screens can be raised 18 feet in the air. It is two sided so everyone can see the screens, or you can display separate images and put sponsor ads on one side.

It’s a total of 200 square feet of viewing surface. A sound system is mounted right on the truck. There’s even a roof-mounted camera to let passers-by see themselves on the big screens, larger than life.

The system sets up in minutes and needs no external power supply.

Midnight Muddin’ – Multivision Goes Country & Western

The talented fifteen-year-old phenom, Maggie Baugh from Boca Raton, Florida, wrote and recorded the song in a Nashville studio, and I knew this would be a great experience for the Multivision team and me.

The Importance of Online Videos

Online videos have continued to rise in popularity. According to Cisco, online video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. People like visuals. People seek online videos not just for entertainment, but also for information and instruction. Videos are also shareable. Entertaining brand videos can be shared on social media, and increase word of mouth marketing. When someone shares your video on social media, it exposes your business to a wider range of potential clients.

As an example, Dove created a series of videos in an online campaign that went viral. Their Dove Real Beauty Sketches video alone has 66 million views. Dove was able to appeal to their consumer base with a message that was relevant to their audience on a personal level. They were able to solidify brand loyalty, all with a well executed video. With these videos they were able to reach a massive audience and build up their brand.

What does all of this mean for businesses?

This means that businesses have a big opportunity to get their message across to a wide audience. YouTube alone generates more than one billion unique hits per day according to their website. That’s a billion potential views for your business daily. And if produced in a way that tailors to your specific audience’s needs, it’s a good way to pitch your services to potential clients who you might not have otherwise been able to reach. Consider it like an online elevator pitch.

Most importantly, however, it also means that investing in producing quality online videos can only help your business increase sales and establish a strong online presence for your brand. In terms of content marketing, a well produced, engaging video on your landing page  can actually increase conversions on your site by 86%. Ultimately, online videos leads to greater sales and profit for your business.

SeaDream Yacht Club

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