Mandarin Chinese Productions: A Challenge and a Half!

It seems the whole world is focused on doing business in China. Over the last year we have seen more and done more Chinese productions for more of our clients asking us to create video productions  in Mandarin Chinese. This opportunity has really helped us hone those skills and create ways of getting these projects done with the most accuracy and cost effectiveness possible. Read more

Sea Level Rise and We Video & Film

About eighteen months ago I flew aboard a helicopter, shooting aerial footage of Miami Dade County’s wastewater treatment plants. The plants are located on the South Florida coastline, at Biscayne Bay. Read more

New Multivision Video Brochure Reaches and Impresses Important Audiences

Sometimes new innovations can be pretty high tech, while looking very low on the technology scale. Such is the case with our dynamic new Multivision product, The Video Brochure. Read more

Infrastructure Projects

Fresh water, wastewater, bridges, seaports, airports: as America’s infrastructure assets age and fall in disrepair, Multivision has been getting ongoing work helping companies that are seeking the job of restoring and rebuilding those critical and basic physical and organizational structures and facilities. Read more

Miami Children’s Museum and Department of Multi-screen interactive displays Energy Exhibit

Our ability with Multi-screen interactive displays won us a contract to create and execute a six screen display for The Miami Children’s museum as they were funded by the Dept. of energy.

The exhibit entitled “My Green house” was to show how kids can do their part to conserve energy, protect the environment and help their family save money.

IMG_4700-300x225It was to be built as part of a huge re-imagination of the museum and one of the first new exhibits.We created the concept of using 6 screens controlled by a series of programmable High Definition video players managed by a Crestron controller. An interactive touch pad would control each screen.

Along with ARTS Paul Bell,we designed the system integration and created the show which featured characters in each room of the house that would react to the touch pad and turn off the lights,close the shade,turn off the water etc.

All scenes were shot on our stage with Green screen and we created the graphics and green screen plates for each room.

The exhibit was fabricated by Miami Exhibits.

Multivision Helps SkyRise Miami Become Reality

Ever since our client, Jeff Berkowitz, approached us about getting involved with his idea to build Miami’s version of the Eiffel Tower, we have been tremendously excited about the project. Jeff is an amazing visionary with big ideas and a proven ability to get things done.

Berkowitz-Dev-photo-with-craneNot too many things offer a bigger idea than that of the 1,000-foot SkyRise Miami tower, being built in the center of downtown at Miami’s Bayside Marketplace.

Jeff’s idea inspired us, and the opportunity to help make this project a reality with our unique brand of video production service was even more exciting.

We have created the video that explained the project, and it has had more then 75,000 views to date, between YouTube and Vimeo.

SkyRise-Miami-renderingMultivision produced it in English, Spanish and Mandarin, showcasing other tourist towers around the world: in Shanghai, Paris, Seattle and Toronto. It’s amazing to see huge numbers of tourists ascending these towers for a birds-eye view of a city.

We created a 3D simulation of the tower with some amazing helicopter HD aerials we shot with a Cineflex camera rig.

For the English version we brought in the voice of The History channel’s Modern Marvels, narrator Max Raphael, as we figured this is sure to be among the marvels that broadcast show will want to showcase.

Berkowitz-Dev-photoIt will be the highest building on the east coast, south of New York City, with an observation deck, a motion 3D theater, a bungee jump attraction (Sky Drop), and a thrill ride high above the city (Sky Plunge). It will also boast a world class nightclub, a Michelin restaurant, and ballroom and meeting space.

It will really be an icon for the city, and the centerpiece for our exciting new downtown. We are honored to be part of its development, helping Jeff and his team.

Now that the citizens of Miami have overwhelmingly voted to let the project proceed, it’s “up, up and away”!

Winter Video Shoot in Driggs, Idaho

Thanks to our client, Huntsman Springs, our video crew got a chance for a video shoot in Driggs, Idaho, a magnificent part of the United States. Driggs is about a forty-minute drive from Jackson Hole, WY, in the Teton mountain range. Our time there was a reminder of what winter feels like in the Northwest.

photo-31-225x300We traveled there during the end a usually snowy ski season. When we first arrived there was no snow, and a 45 to 50-degree sunny Sunday.

But as luck would have it, the weather changed in an instant. We were told the weather is often unpredictable. The next day we were presented with blizzard conditions that brought with it some amazing images, with sixteen inches of new powder on the ski slopes.

photo-300x231Along with our Jackson Hole based video crew, on-camera talent from the Salt Lake City area, and a RED Epic® camera, we went shooting all over the area. These shots included downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and winter wildlife. It was a blast!

photo-4-300x225It’s a truly beautiful area, and we will return this summer to continue telling the Huntsman Springs story, and showcasing summer activities that are available there. These include hiking, horseback riding, camping, fishing and golf.


Thanks to our editing services we were able to provide 10 minute videos to use on the Huntsman website.


We plan to shoot some amazing aerials as well, and really explore the Teton Mountains that rise above the horizon, near the resort community.

Stay tuned…


Multivision Designs Interactive Touchscreen Displays for Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group

Creative Displays came to the right place when they called on Multivision to create stunning 42-inch touchscreen HD interactive touchscreen displays for the 2013 Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) trade show in Chicago in November. We have been working with Creative Displays on many corporate video production  projects, using high-tech video applications over the years.

This latest display showcased six videos produced for the Portsmouth, VA based company Massimo Zanetti, who is a major supplier of coffee and private label refreshments.

Massimo Zanetti Booth, Chicago. Photo courtesy of Brad Hopkins, Creative Displays.

Massimo Zanetti Booth, Chicago.
Photo courtesy of Brad Hopkins, Creative Displays.

The touchscreen display allowed the viewer to touch one of six on-screen buttons to select a video that explained an area of interest. The system then played the video they selected.

Our production crew in Miami deployed an Apple® Macintosh® based solution using a Mac® Mini controller and touchscreen overlay panels, developed byMusic Computing, to achieve a seamless switch between videos. Visit our portfolio for more on Interactive Touchscreen Displays.

Macintosh® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

Tutti Music Player™ App Harnesses Video Multi-stream Technology

Multivision is excited to become a part of the Tutti Dynamics family, and participate in its certain future growth.

It was almost 15 years ago when a student intern from Coral Gables Senior High School, Darren Hoffman, walked through the doors of Multivision and became a part of our video production family. Right away we recognized that he was a talented, tenacious, and goal-oriented young man, and that same spirit has stayed with him into adulthood.

After completing his Multivision internship, Darren moved on to Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts, where he earned degrees in film and music. Throughout it all he continued to come back (still has a key to the place) and has always been a part of our  video production team.

Annie Berkowitz and Darren Hoffman

Annie Berkowitz and Darren Hoffman

Now, we are proud to be part of his team, as Tutti Dynamics develops an amazing app that takes everything that we ever did here, using multiple sources of synchronized video, and elegantly wraps it into a managed application that is striking a chord in music education.

The Tutti Music Player enables music students to learn to play with the masters of music. With artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Jason Marsalis, and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, users can use their iPad® or iPhone® to play along with them, read the sheet music, and control the music mix along the way. Tutti means “all play” in Italian music notation, and soon we hope all music students will be downloading the Tutti Music Player.

Darren prepares for the Tutti Music Player™ launch in Miami, Florida

Darren prepares for the Tutti Music Player™ launch in Miami, Florida

The Tutti Music Player app is free in the Apple® App Store, and users pay for the content as they go. Special licenses have been granted and sold to educational institutions like Tulane University, several high school music programs, and more are on the way.

Tutti-Screen-Shot-300x234Multivision is working with Tutti Dynamics in the refinement of the recording process, and in creating some new and exciting uses of the Multi-stream Technology.


iPad® and iPhone® are trademarks of Apple Inc., Tutti Music Player is a trademark of Tutti Dynamics

Launching a corporate video in Destination Resorts: Resorts World Bimini

It was no surprise to us when Genting, our client, called on us to help them with the initial branding and launch of their new project in the Bahamas, Resorts World Bimini. After all, we have worked closely with the folks at Genting since they acquired the Miami Herald building and Hilton properties in downtown Miami.  We have provided numerous corporate video production services for them since 2010.

The firm would also work with us in New York City in their Queens casino, and had us help with preparing presentations for their new casino resort venture in Las Vegas. We were thrilled when they approached us again. This time it would be a whole new video production to introduce the concept of Resort Destination Gaming in Bimini, in the Bahamas.

Genting, along with Bimini Bay, were about to open a new casino and introduce a new concept in cruising to the travel industry. We were asked to help explain it.

Back-of-Scotts-Head-300x225With limited time to pull it all together we wrote scripts and organized multiple videography sessions to the island, including a shoot in the casino that was still under construction.  Our video crew was all over Bimini.


Bob-at-seaplane-300x225We travelled by Seaplane, helicopter and boat, and shot some magnificent video of the island, as well as the new Bimini Superfast ship that had just arrived in Miami.


Bob-and-Pilot-300x225Using a CineFlex HD camera on the JetStar helicopter we got some amazing footage that became the key to the piece, and told the story of the beauty of Bimini and the excitement of this project. This footage is also being used as the main element in a series of new TV spots for the resort.


Superfast-Ship-300x225We put together the launch video, and also helped stage the opening event at the Port of Miami in June. The new ship was christened by the prime minister of the Bahamas, Perry Christie, and his wife Bernadette Hanna.


We are always excited to help show something new and exciting. This new way of vacationing and leisure time fun is definitely all about that.