Brian Keeley of Baptist Health Receives the 2018 “Sand In My Shoes” Award

For over 30 years we have been honored to produce the video presentation for the GMCC’s  most important award program. This year  we were thrilled it was awarded to our friend Brian Keeley.

“Brian was one of our earliest clients and we were excited to help honor  this visionary citizen of Miami,” says MVVF president Bob Berkowitz.

The video showcased many community leaders and looked back on Brian’s’ four decades at Baptist.

For over a month, many of Miami’s top community luminaries  came to Multivision’s  Coconut Grove studios to talk about Brian, the impact he has had on their lives and honor Brian’ s commitment to healthcare in South Florida.  Once again according to tradition, Multivision resurrected the video  we shot for our first “Sand” presentation with Ralph Renick in 1981, reading Damon Runyun’s   famous Sand In Your Shoes letter.

We love being part of this tradition of celebrating Miami’s most dedicated citizens.  Congratulations Brian.

Opening Kickoff Video Presentation for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

It’s really hard for me to believe, but there has been one major community presentation that we have now produced for a straight 35 years: the Goals Conference “kick off” video presentation for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. It’s a project that needs to be fresh, unique, and reflect the personality and achievements of the organization, as well as those of the outgoing chairman each year.

When we did the first Goals Conference more than three decades ago we used dozens of slide and film projectors, all chained to a computer-controlled system, and spread over giant panoramic screens. Each was quite a major  video production, and when we packed up we used a large truck to carry all the specialized gear we needed.

Over the years we developed themes like Momentum, Chamber Survivor, Teamwork Works, How the Chamber was Won (a western), Sgt. Lachers Lonely Heart Club Band(a Beatles parody), Superman, Goalsmember (Austin Powers parody), and Addicted to Goals. We touched on timely topics like hurricane Andrew, and casino gambling, just to name a few.

We’ve seen Miami and the Chamber through good times and tough times, and have always taken the approach of keeping it positive and funny. Parody seems to work well for us, having a little fun with each outgoing chairman. We have combined video production with live singers, choruses, and built elaborate sets over the years.

Our video crew even closed Biscayne Boulevard one Sunday morning a few years ago, as outgoing Chairman Alan Harper (playing a Sherriff) rode down the street on horseback. But we always also sneak in some real information about the Chamber’s achievements of that year. This year show was no different.

Outgoing GMCC chairman Phillis Oeters (Baptist Health VP of Governmental Affairs) was an amazing sport, as we parodied Katy Perry, and made Phillis change into numerous costumes, wigs, and ran her all over town for the key shooting sessions.

Studio shoot with pyrotechnics

Studio shoot with pyrotechnics

Phillis Oeters and Bob Berkowitz

Phillis Oeters and Bob Berkowitz

Fabulous dance sequences were choreographed by Marissa Alma Nick, and dancers backed up Phillis’ dance moves. Location shots were done all over downtown Miami, and new Multivision aerial videography was debuted as well.

Incoming Chairman Alberto Dosal

Incoming Chairman Alberto Dosal

Executive Producer, Concept, Lyrics – Bob Berkowitz
Producer and Editor – David Marin

Senior Editor, Graphics and Animations – René Borroto
Videography – David Marin, Scott O’Brien, Rafael Maza
Choreography – Marissa Alma Nick
Aerial Photography – Paul Bart
Wardrobe – Maria Roa, Luiza Renuant
Makeup Artists – Alexis Renny, Jenny Pérez
Music – Reed Fasse, Michael Montuori
Indoor Fireworks – Pyrotechnica
Narration – Sheila Hart
Production Assistant – Laura Becerra