Multivision helps introduce Anatomie to the world


Anatomie founders Kate and Shawn Boyer had to tell their story to thousands of travel consultants.   They asked Multivision to help.

Multivision created several videos introducing Anatomie to potential new clients.  Kate and Shawn told the story of the their company from it’s humble  beginning in the trunk of their car .   They described their slow but steady inroads in the travel fashion industry.  Today they are recognized as world class travel fashion manufacturers and our video showcased that success.

Anatomie is all about travel and their amazing clothes  are perfect for the lady on the go.  Multivision showcased the  ease of packing the quality light weight clothing.   Multivision’s goal  to focus on a  central message-traveling is easier with Anatomie.

Studio sessions and location videography were used to create  a key branding statement for Anatomie.   Multivision was honored to add fashion to our extensive branding and promotional resume.



Hamilton is Channeled at 2018 GMCC Impact Conference

It was June at the Turnberry Isle resort and time for the most important event held each year by the Greater Miami Chamber of commerce. Once again Multivison was called on to produce the central opening show that would help emphasize the theme.

This year a “Hamilton-Like” opening video was our idea and we thought it would be a great way to create the Impact needed to showcase the theme of the event.


“I loved the Broadway show and thought how much fun it would be to get members of the Chamber executive committee and leadership in period costumes and do the entire year in review in Hamilton-inspired rap”, says Bob Berkowitz company president and chief creative director. “It’s a tribute to the show and the genius of Lin Manual Miranda.”


Costumes were chosen, Lyrics were created and a sound track was started with the help of fabulous singer and Rap Artist Krishton King and other professional studio singers in the chorus.  Rodolfo Cano helped with choreography and a studio shoot was scheduled. We made sure no one coming to the shoot knew what they would be asked to do.

The main shoot date was set in place with the entire video shot in 4K on the Green screen to allow it to be placed onto a Broadway stage by special effect.  Chamber Chairman and Bank of American Area President Gene Shafer was a great sport and played Miami Chamber Impact Man and did a masterful job of lip synching. As did incoming Chamber Chairman Carnival Cruise Lines Vice President Carlos F. Orta.

Cinematography by Matt Leone and post production and graphics by Rene Borroto and Curtis Childs pulled it all together. Studio audio by Pat Howard and Read Fasse. Costume help and Makeup by Alexis Renny

“It was a blast producing and we are  happy it delighted the audience at Turnberry.” remarked Berkowitz.