Well, if you’d even asked this city boy if he would have ever produced a country music video, he would have said “not too likely.” But when my friend Peter Nasca of Persistence Public Relations played me the song “Midnight Muddin’,” I was hooked.IMG_8147 SCALED

The talented fifteen-year-old phenom, Maggie Baugh from Boca Raton, Florida, wrote and recorded the song in a Nashville studio, and I knew this would be a great experience for the Multivision team and me.IMG_8218 SCALED

Along with sponsor Sawgrass Ford, we prepared a fleet of ATVs, a monster truck, and a lot of insect repellant, for what would be a late night shoot in the mud, in the woods, on a clear moonlit night.

We all gathered on location: Multivision’s director and cameraman Matt Leone, our video production team of Curtis Childs, Pedro Mendez and Danny Gitlin, a cast of ATV lovers, and Maggie’s friends from Boca Raton.IMG_8220 SCALED

A shoot on Multivision’s green screen stage a few days earlier had helped capture some of Maggie’s obvious talents on the fiddle, guitar and ganjo (a type of banjo with six strings).

We are convinced that Maggie Baugh is a name you will be hearing about in the future, and we are so happy to have played a part in producing this piece for her.

IMG_8185 SCALEDProduced by Multivision Video and Film; Executive Producer Bob Berkowitz; Directed by Matt Leone; Special Thank You to Sawgrass Ford; MUSIC CREDITS: Written by: Maggie Baugh & Keith Ridenour Written at: Markee Music Produced by: Abram Dean & Matt McVaney Mixed by: Abram Dean & Matt McVaney Recorded at: The Song House Vocals: Maggie Baugh Gango: Maggie Baugh Fiddle: Maggie Baugh Acoustic Guitar: Maggie Baugh Electric Guitar: Austin Salters Drums: Jon Draper Bass: Matt McVaney