Sometimes you have just one shot at the prize.

No one understands that more than we do. Whether it’s a new airport runway, a construction project, a new tunnel, or a casino license, we make it our business that your organization is awarded the deal.  We take that challenge very seriously.

These days you can’t just show up with a Powerpoint® and expect to win.

We strategize writing, creating and staging the perfect pitch for contracts, franchises, casino licenses, and swaying public opinion for some very important clients, both public and private.

Our track record of being on winning teams is impressive.


Super Bowl Miami 2020:  Produced presentation to NFL owners to win Super Bowl  for Miami, (See our Blog).

SkyRise Miami: Several presentations to municipal stakeholders, city officials and investors

AllAboard Florida: Presentations and promotional materials for passenger rail service in Florida

The Genting Group: Resorts World Miami, Resorts World New York City, Resorts World Bimini, Resorts World Las Vegas

Miami Heat: Franchise pitch presentation to the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Florida Panthers: Presentation to the National Hockey League (NHL)

Miami Marlins: Presentation to Major League Baseball owners (MLB)

FTAA Secretariat: Presentation to 34 member nations (State of Florida)

Carnival Casinos Corp: Various pitch presentations for casino licenses

Ralph M. Parsons: Various airport master planning contracts

AECOM: Pitch presentations for various contracts (water and sewer, aviation)

Parsons Transportation Group: Miscellaneous airport contracts

L&R Group (Los Angeles):  Municipal parking concessions, presentations to city governments

Kimley Horn: Presentations for various contracts

Turkel: Advertising agency new business pitches

CH2MHILL: Pitch presentations for airport projects

Southern Wine & Spirits: Many pitch presentations to help acquire new brands and expand markets

Other work has included presentations to public audiences explaining bond issues, and road and transportation programs.  Presentations can be as simple as creating a video-enhanced Keynote, Prezi or Powerpoint® presentation, or as complex as a multi-screen extravaganza designed to blow away the competition and get the job contract.

The art and science of the perfect pitch is something we have been perfecting for decades.  With our track record, it’s no wonder we have been sought after for some of the largest and most important presentations to:

  • Sway public opinion
  • Get governmental and private contracts
  • Obtain certain permits or licenses
  • Be awarded development rights
  • Be selected for a civic project
  • Present new ideas