Cleaning up Blue Green Algae Blooms –thanks to AECOM      

AECOM has been busy innovating and starting
to solve one of Florida’s biggest problems-the blue green algae that has
been showing up on many state waterways. And once again they called on us
to help tell this story.


The project has been a pre-cursor to what AECOM hopes to lead
to a bigger governmental response and the building of large treatment
plants that will help remove the nutrients in the water flowing
from Lake Okeechobee.   This would help solve the Algae problem that is caused by these releases.

This has caught the interest of the Army Corp of engineers, the State of Florida and many of the affected counties.

“Our job was to create a demonstration documentary to show
that something can be done to help eliminate this horrible
blue green algae”, says Multivision’s Bob Berkowitz. The technology
is there and AECOM is showing that it can be done.”

“Our camera crews used drones to help showcase the problem and interviewed AECOM scientists, engineers and concerned citizens to tell the story and create a compelling case as to  why this action must be taken soon”.

We are always “ready to go” when it comes to helping our clients, and the public good at the same time.

Click HERE to watch the video.





Multivision Helps Southern Glazers Reach 20,000 Employees

When you do business in 44 states and want to reach all of your employees including those in Canada and The Virgin Islands  and you don’t want to create  a traveling nightmare- you hold a nationally broadcasted video stream. That’s what Multivision was asked to do-along with creating  all the content for the 60-minute broadcast.

The show emanated from the fabulous Faena Hotel on Miami beach and included a Multivision created opening theme song, multiple pre-recorded presentations, and some humorous interludes and transitions. A huge LED video backdrop acted as a set for the talk show theme and a 5 camera shoot brought the show together and made for a seamless technical presentation.  “It’s not easy to make a compelling and fun presentation that can appeal to employees of all levels-but, that’s what we did and it was very well-received” explained company president Bob Berkowitz.
Creating video streamed meetings is “the rage” these days and we are doing more of them- but the difficult part is making them upbeat, fun, informative and entertaining- and getting the “production values” right. The proof is how many people stay tuned into the stream and watched the whole show. Multivision  and our client  Southern Glazers were very pleased.