New Multivision Video Brochure Reaches and Impresses Important Audiences

Sometimes new innovations can be pretty high tech, while looking very low on the technology scale. Such is the case with our dynamic new Multivision product, The Video Brochure.

IMG_2650-300x225Its simplicity is what makes it so useful and unique. We are marketing and creating a whole new way to distribute a combination of printed piece and video, all in one perfectly seamless package that is as simple and simple gets.  All part of expanding the video production services we offer our clients.

IMG_2647-clean-300x225Open the elegantly custom-printed brochure you’ll find that a 7-inch LCD screen is perfectly disguised and integrated inside, and when you open the brochure it immediately starts playing its recorded video message. No buttons to push, no adjustments. Just a perfect way to ensure the viewer will really see the video you took so much time and trouble to produce.

Sure, they can go to see the video on a website. But will they? You can rest assured that they will see the video when it’s delivered in this one of a kind package. We customize each piece with beautifully printed graphics that convey the branding message in a crisp and fresh new way.

IMG_26431It’s not for every project, but rather for an important customer, potential client, or a viewer who must see a video and must be impressed. This is a great way to do it and a great way  to insure that money spent on video production is used wisely.