Launching a corporate video in Destination Resorts: Resorts World Bimini

It was no surprise to us when Genting, our client, called on us to help them with the initial branding and launch of their new project in the Bahamas, Resorts World Bimini. After all, we have worked closely with the folks at Genting since they acquired the Miami Herald building and Hilton properties in downtown Miami.  We have provided numerous corporate video production services for them since 2010.

The firm would also work with us in New York City in their Queens casino, and had us help with preparing presentations for their new casino resort venture in Las Vegas. We were thrilled when they approached us again. This time it would be a whole new video production to introduce the concept of Resort Destination Gaming in Bimini, in the Bahamas.

Genting, along with Bimini Bay, were about to open a new casino and introduce a new concept in cruising to the travel industry. We were asked to help explain it.

Back-of-Scotts-Head-300x225With limited time to pull it all together we wrote scripts and organized multiple videography sessions to the island, including a shoot in the casino that was still under construction.  Our video crew was all over Bimini.


Bob-at-seaplane-300x225We travelled by Seaplane, helicopter and boat, and shot some magnificent video of the island, as well as the new Bimini Superfast ship that had just arrived in Miami.


Bob-and-Pilot-300x225Using a CineFlex HD camera on the JetStar helicopter we got some amazing footage that became the key to the piece, and told the story of the beauty of Bimini and the excitement of this project. This footage is also being used as the main element in a series of new TV spots for the resort.


Superfast-Ship-300x225We put together the launch video, and also helped stage the opening event at the Port of Miami in June. The new ship was christened by the prime minister of the Bahamas, Perry Christie, and his wife Bernadette Hanna.


We are always excited to help show something new and exciting. This new way of vacationing and leisure time fun is definitely all about that.


Economic Development in Doha, Qatar

When Dohaland Corporation reached out to find a firm that would help oversee their film and video production needs in Doha, Qatar, they looked to Multivision to make it happen.

In a true demonstration of “the world is truly flat,” and through a series of connections, we were brought on-board to act as a consultant and overseer of the video production services that would chronicle the massive redevelopment of the downtown area of Doha, Qatar’s capital city.

More than $6 billion dollars worth of work is scheduled to be completed in the city within the next few years, and an entire section of the old city is to be demolished, with its current residents and businesses being temporarily relocated.

With the Qatar Foundation’s intent to showcase the new Qatar to the world, they needed a huge effort to create a video and film record of this modern city’s transformation. Such an endeavor would require building blocks for future television programming, as well as digital corporate and archival video elements. It needed to be a well-organized media acquisition system, with the ability to be a permanent visual record of the project. Multivision was asked to help implement it, for this was, after all, history in the making.  Our experience as a corporate video production expert would come into play.

While in other neighboring Emirates huge buildings of foreign branded hotels and skyscrapers line the vistas, development in “The Heart of Doha” was to be more scalable, and designed with sustainability – the ultimate in modern green architecture and design. The massive project was also to be more in tune with the heritage of regional architecture.

A few years ago Dohaland started the development process by establishing a charrette that invited the world’s leading architects, and their top ideas, from firms in Lebanon, London, various European countries, and within Qatar itself.

Bob-in-Qatar-300x199Video crews from the region were selected for media gathering “on the ground,” and the Multivision video production crew was given the contract to schedule and oversee the crews that would cover each aspect of design and construction.

Seeing some of the amazing things that Qatar (awarded the World Cup Soccer for 2022) has been doing, and their plans for the future, has been a terrific learning experience.