Multivision contributes to the “State of the County Address”

Each year the Miami Dade county Mayor gives his report to the community in  a detailed “State of the County” address. It is  an important moment for the “strong” Mayor of one of the nations largest counties each year.

This year Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez chose the fabulous Frost Science museum as the site of his address. As this was to be the Mayors  last State of the County address  (his tenure  has timed out) he wanted to do it up big- and that he did.

He and the county communications team decided to create a “TED Talk”- like presentation backed up with video, images graphics and timed visual support.

January 14th he delivered his presentation to a packed house of governmental officials, county employees, community leaders and interested citizens. It was also live-streamed over the county television channel.

At Multivision we were asked to help Port Miami do its section of this presentation and over a 2 week period helped put together the Port’s part of the address.

Along with our good friends at Bermello Ajamil we created a 3 minute look at the Port now- and in the future.

Several drone sessions over 2 weeks  showcased a full Port with all  8 terminals filled to capacity on cruise days. We also focused on new innovations that are part of the Cargo capabilities of the Port. This includes the arrival of the largest Cargo container vessel ever to call on a Florida Port- the French ship CGM Magellan.

A Bermello Ajamil created 3D fly through showcased new terminals for Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL, MSC and Virgin cruise lines as well as future developments at the Port.

“ The Port was one of our first clients back in the 1980’s and we have been helping it in our own way getting the bridge and tunnels built over the years. We love the excitement of the Port and what it generates for the economy of Miami Dade. Seems like its only getting better”, says Bob Berkowitz Multivision President.

Multivision Helps the GMCC honor Civic Leader Tony Argiz

For over 3 decades the “Sand In My Shoes” award has been Miami’s highest civic honor given to a community leader by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Miami’s Multivision Video and film has produced the centerpiece video for this gala event ever since the beginning.

This year was no exception; and on Feb 13th over 850 civic and community leaders honored a man who exemplifies what the award is all about. “Tony Argiz is what Damon Runyon was talking about when he coined the phrase that has become the awards namesake”, says Multivision’s Bob Berkowitz. “ We are so pleased to have helped honor Tony and to continue the Sand in My Shoes tradition.”


Once again, the evening began with a video narrated by the late WTVJ Newscaster Ralph Rennick who came into the Multivision studios in 1981 and recorded the Runyon letter that started it all.

With Mistress of Ceremony Ana Navarro fabulous Piano virtuoso Chucho Valdes and a heartfelt speech by the honoree-it was a memorable event for all who attended.

“Its great being part of history- and Tony is one of the best people the Chamber could have ever picked for this award and we so much enjoyed capturing his spirit, generosity and Love of Miami for all to see”.


Multivision Helps Client Win Contract

Multivision once again has been called in to help an infrastructure firm put together a presentation designed to win a large contract with Miami-Dade Water and Sewer.

The 20-minute presentation that helped secure the consulting contract for The Corradino Group relied on Multivision’s ability to explain their unique capabilities, expertise and approach.

Five video modules were created that showcased the client’s ideas and technical approach. These videos helped leave a lasting impression that had the ultimate desired result…. a win!

“Pitching contracts is becoming more of what we do,” says Bob Berkowitz, Multivision president. “We really help our clients present themselves in the best way and convince selection committees that they are right for the job.”

A big part of Multivision’s work includes rehearsing the team and staging the presentation to guarantee “the Perfect Pitch”!


Multivision Helps Miami Win Super Bowl 54!

Miami is awarded Super Bowl 54 in 2020, with Multivision’s Help!IMG_0680

When Miami’s Super Bowl Bid Committee asked us to help them pitch a Super Bowl celebration for one of 3 years (2019, 2020, 2021) that were up for grabs, they knew they had come to the right place.

After all, we had been involved in pitch presentations to get the Miami Heat, Marlins and Panthers their franchises, and we were recently consulted on the pitch presentation for the 2022 World Cup Soccer for the emirate of Qatar.

Now, we needed to prepare for the NFL owners’ meeting held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 24. All 32 team owners would vote and award the games after hearing 15-minute presentations by would-be host cities.

Our job was to create a 15-minute story so compelling that it sold all the excitement going on in Miami since the game was held here in 2010.   We highlighted the new hotels, current and ongoing improvements to the infrastructure, the use of Downtown Miami as Super Bowl Central, as well as showcasing the improvements the Miami Dolphins are making to their stadium.

We wrote and pieced together the live and video elements, and off to Charlotte we went for the presentations.


We called on legendary Dolphins running back, Larry Csonka, as the star of our presentation, and to act as the live emcee for the pitch. We also asked famed quarterback Dan Marino to host a look at the new stadium.

We’re happy to report that it was all worth it. The presentation came off without a hitch, with the NFL awarding Miami and South Florida Super Bowl 54 in 2020.IMG_0065

We were honored to once again help Miami sell itself to the world!

We want to thank the Multivision Team:  René Borroto, Matt Leone, Curtis Childs, Scott O’Brien, Chris Skornicka, Alina López, Alexis Renny, Pedro Mendez, Cesar Malinao, Lisa Delmonico and Lorna Chin. We could not have done it without you.

Here’s the video presentation…

2016 Beacon Awards

At Multivision, we are no stranger to creating and producing awards shows. Over the years, we have produced everything from the Addy Awards, the Ultimate CEO Awards, FIU Torch Awards, the Builders Association Awards, the ULI Vision Awards, Humanitarian Awards, and many others.

“Its always challenging to keep it interesting, fast paced and maintain the audience’s attention and involvement,” says Bob Berkowitz.

This year the idea was to keep the evening moving with a fun and upbeat show while giving each winner a great salute for their accomplishments.

The upbeat theme of “SuperHeroes of the Economy” was chosen and a Marvel Comics/Superhero look was given to the graphics and the video elements that were produced.

IMG_0497There were 16 separate video modules, each about 1 minute in length, including awards for each of the Beacon’s One Community One Goal initiatives and three special Judges awards. The most prestigious award of the event, the Jay Malina Award, was given to Tibor Hollo of Florida East Coast Realty for his work in creating jobs in our community.

Staging for the event utilized a wide screen, panoramic approach provided by Go2events, and it worked magnificently with “picture in picture” elements, including image magnification, and various still and motion graphics.

Economic Development in Doha, Qatar

When Dohaland Corporation reached out to find a firm that would help oversee their film and video production needs in Doha, Qatar, they looked to Multivision to make it happen.

In a true demonstration of “the world is truly flat,” and through a series of connections, we were brought on-board to act as a consultant and overseer of the video production services that would chronicle the massive redevelopment of the downtown area of Doha, Qatar’s capital city.

More than $6 billion dollars worth of work is scheduled to be completed in the city within the next few years, and an entire section of the old city is to be demolished, with its current residents and businesses being temporarily relocated.

With the Qatar Foundation’s intent to showcase the new Qatar to the world, they needed a huge effort to create a video and film record of this modern city’s transformation. Such an endeavor would require building blocks for future television programming, as well as digital corporate and archival video elements. It needed to be a well-organized media acquisition system, with the ability to be a permanent visual record of the project. Multivision was asked to help implement it, for this was, after all, history in the making.  Our experience as a corporate video production expert would come into play.

While in other neighboring Emirates huge buildings of foreign branded hotels and skyscrapers line the vistas, development in “The Heart of Doha” was to be more scalable, and designed with sustainability – the ultimate in modern green architecture and design. The massive project was also to be more in tune with the heritage of regional architecture.

A few years ago Dohaland started the development process by establishing a charrette that invited the world’s leading architects, and their top ideas, from firms in Lebanon, London, various European countries, and within Qatar itself.

Bob-in-Qatar-300x199Video crews from the region were selected for media gathering “on the ground,” and the Multivision video production crew was given the contract to schedule and oversee the crews that would cover each aspect of design and construction.

Seeing some of the amazing things that Qatar (awarded the World Cup Soccer for 2022) has been doing, and their plans for the future, has been a terrific learning experience.

Steadicam® Production Crew

Multivision recently completed a location shoot for an important architectural presentation. Our video production crew shot along Biscayne Bay, using our Sony® XDCam® 1080p camera mounted on a Steadicam® harness rig.

photo-13-e1354225424779-225x300The gimbal and spring balanced equipment allows for smooth shots while the cameraman is walking, avoiding the normal bouncy look of a shoulder-mounted shot.

It will be a “before and after” comparison of a bayfront property, before and after development. The “after” part of the edited comparison is a 3-D computer generated animated model of the planned structures and landscaping details, as envisioned by the architects and engineers of the project.